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Easy Content Spinning for WordPress

Rank #1 for Unlimited Long Tail Keywords with SEO Automation

Tired of spending hours duplicating pages and replacing text on your WordPress site? With SpinPress, you can create hundreds of unique, SEO-optimized pages in seconds.

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Say Goodbye to Manual Work

Local SEO often demands the creation of nearly identical pages with only slight variations to cater to each city. This process is time-consuming and inefficient.

Even if it takes just 3 minutes to create a single page, ranking for 100 cities would consume 5 hours of your valuable time.

This tedious task prevents you from out-ranking competitors who target major cities but skip smaller ones because it takes too long with little reward.

Imagine creating your page just once and then effortlessly spinning your content into hundreds of unique pages. That's SpinPress.

How it works

  1. Create Your Template: Design your page once in WordPress, using placeholders for variables like {{city}}.
  2. Prepare Your Data: Create a CSV file containing all the values for your variables.
  3. Let SpinPress do the rest: Upload your CSV file into SpinPress, and voilà! In seconds, you'll have all your page variations ready to go.
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50% off for the first 50 customers

SpinPress is Designed to Simplify Your SEO

  • Connect and manage as many websites as you want with our SpinPress-Connector plugin, all from one place.
  • Automatically create unlimited page variations with variable content.
  • Works seamlessly with most popular page builders and themes.
  • No WordPress plugin conflicts or security risks.

Why Long-Tail Keywords Matter:

Long-tail keywords tend to have higher conversion rates because they are more specific to what users are searching for.

of all search queries are for long-tail terms.
of searches use long-tail keywords via voice search to find local businesses, boosting local SEO.
of all keywords get 10 or fewer searches per month, but targeting these can significantly increase organic traffic.

With SpinPress, you will:

Save Time

No more manual duplication. Create hundreds of pages with one click.


Improve SEO

Generate SEO-optimized pages that help you rank higher on Google for multiple keywords.


Capture Low-Hanging Fruits

Easily target numerous low-competition keywords. Even if each page brings in just a few visitors, the cumulative traffic boost is substantial.


Increase Efficiency

Streamline your workflow and focus on what matters for your business.

Get Started with SpinPress Today

The best way to rank for smaller keywords is through automation. SpinPress is an affordable solution to do this at scale.

One-time payment

$9.99 USD

  • Unlimited Websites Connections
  • Unlimited Page Variations
  • Works with most popular themes and page builders*
  • Get Started in 5 minutes

*Send me an email to request an integration with your favorite page builder or theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions, contact me by email or on Twitter.

Don't Miss Out!

SEO is a long-term game. The sooner you start with SpinPress, the sooner you'll see results. Invest in SpinPress today and set the foundation for better SEO performance.

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50% off for the first 50 customers